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An Amendment for the Constution

November 19, 2010
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The more I watch, the more I see.  (oddly, that even makes sense)

We, as Americans, need a very specific change in our lives.  It can be a Constitutional Amendment or Executive Order, or might even be done at the state level.  However it is done, it is necessary.

WE THE PEOPLE, must DEMAND that the laws, rules, regulations, and procedures that apply to us MUST apply equally to those who create and enforce them.

Obamacare does not apply to Congress or other senior government officials, Congress exempted themselves. 

DHS Sexual Assaults and NudeOScope scanning does not apply to DHS management, TSA management, Senior Government Officials or any of the tens (or hundreds) of thousands of Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

If Napolitano and Pistole (and fifty thousand plus of their cronies) were also forced to suffer these indignities, they might reconsider.  If not, at least it would be fair.

If the Congress who passed Obamacare was bound to use it, they would have considered it more carefully and we would  have better law.

If the rules I make apply to me and mine, I consider the impact very carefully.

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